The Peter Francisco Society (formerly the Society of the Descendants of Peter Francisco) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit genealogical society founded in Virginia in 1971 with the purpose “to compile and maintain the documented records of Peter Francisco and his descendants and give him his rightful place in history.”

The Society officially convened for the first time on July 25, 1971, in an open meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Quintus Massie. The first newsletter reported as follows:
"Approximately one hundred twenty-five descendants and friends of Peter Francisco gathered in the yard under the wide shade of the fine beech tree at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Quintus Massie in Louisa County, Virginia, and shared the bounty of a picnic."

The Society is open to anyone interested in preserving the legacy of Peter Francisco. Membership consists of descendants of Peter and their families, as well as individuals interested in history, the Revolutionary War and Peter's fascinating story. For information on joining the Society, please view our Membership page.

Meetings are held annually at places of significance in the life of Peter Francisco, i.e., Hopewell, VA (formerly City Point); the Capitol Building and St John’s Church, Richmond, VA; Locust Grove (Peter’s historic home) and Buckingham Courthouse, VA; Yorktown and Williamsburg, VA; and Guilford Courthouse Battlefield, NC. Members have also visited Porto Judeu, Peter ‘s birthplace, and participated in the dedication of his monument there.

The Society was instrumental in the restoration of Locust Grove; has helped finance honors bestowed upon Peter; and, in 2013, established the Peter Francisco Memorial Scholarship for qualified, graduating high school seniors who will continue their education at the college level.

The Society is governed by its Board of Directors, who are elected at a Society business meeting for terms of at least two years or longer, as needed. Current officers are:

President: William Edwards “Ed” Bowman, Jr

1st Vice President: Erin W. Mwalwanda

2nd Vice President: William “Will” M. Brown, IV

Recording Secretary: Caroline F. Corum

Treasurer: William Edwards "Ed" Bowman, Jr

Society archives are housed in the Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

Questions about Peter Francisco or the Peter Francisco Society?

Please use our CONTACT page or email information@peterfrancisco.org.