Self-Guided Peter Francisco Day “Virtual” Tour

In celebration of Peter Francisco Day, take this self-guided “virtual tour” of sites relating to Peter Francisco. This virtual tour includes videos, aerial footage and performances, as well as historical maps and data – there’s something for every age group to discover more about Peter and his legacy.

Terceira Island
Enjoy this aerial view of the beautiful Island of Terceira. The village of Porto Judeo, where Peter Francisco was born, is featured from 2:18 – 2:30.

Hopewell (City Point), Virginia
This aerial footage of Hopewell begins and ends at City Point where Peter was abandoned, and also shows the historic district and modern Hopewell.

Colonial Blacksmith Shop
In this video, Mount Vernon’s current Master Blacksmith explains how a blacksmith shop operated on a self-sufficient plantation. As an apprentice learning the trade at Hunting Tower Plantation, Peter Francisco would have worked in a shop forging tools and repairing equipment much like this.

St. John’s Church
St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia, is where 15-year-old Peter Francisco heard Patrick Henry deliver his famous “Liberty or Death” speech. To take a virtual tour of the church, click the link and scroll down to the “virtual tour” inset. Here, you can make the tour “full screen” (upper right corner), click within the box to view different perspectives (seen as a 1 and 2), zoom in and out and move around the room to view the interior of the church.

Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” Speech
Watch a reenactment of Patrick Henry’s famous speech given at St. John’s Church. After clicking on the link, you will see five “thumbnails” beneath the video viewer. Choose the one on the far right, entitled “Liberty or Death: Patrick Henry’s Liberty or Death Speech.”

The Battle of Camden
Peter Francisco distinguished himself during the Battle of Camden in South Carolina and saved the life of his commanding officer, Colonel Mayo. Investigate the Battle of Camden in more detail with this map from the American Battlefield Trust.

Feat of Strength: Shouldering the Cannon
The Discovery Channel television show “The Strongest Man in History” follows four of the world’s strongest men as they travel the world to investigate strongman legends and then attempt those epic feats of strength. In this episode, watch as they attempt Peter Francisco’s legendary feat of carrying a cannon from the battlefield so it wouldn’t fall into enemy hands as troops were retreating from battle. Legend has it that the cannon weighed 1,100 pounds; however, the cannon and gun carriage combined weighed 1,100 pounds. The cannon itself that Peter shouldered and carried weighed 350 pounds – still a remarkable feat of strength!

Guilford Courthouse Monument
The Battle of Guilford Courthouse was one of the bloodiest and most decisive battles of the Revolutionary War. It was here that Peter was wounded and left for dead. This website details all of the information about the Peter Francisco Monument located in the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

The Battle of Yorktown
Peter Francisco was present at General Cornwallis’ surrender in Yorktown, Virginia. The song “The Battle of Yorktown” from the Broadway musical “Hamilton” gives a unique account of the battle itself and its aftermath.

Locust Grove
Locust Grove is the restored home of Peter Francisco near Buckingham Courthouse, Virginia. This link will take you directly to the March 2020 issue of Farmville Magazine. Using the arrows on the sides of the box or the guidebar at the bottom, navigate to pages 46-49 and read the article “Peter Francisco: Bringing the Legend to Life,” written by James Jordan, the lead archaeologist responsible for the excavation of Locust Grove. (At the bottom right of the box, you may select to read in “larger view” or “full screen.”)

Shockoe Hill Cemetery
Discover the origins of Shockoe Hill Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia – the resting place of Peter Francisco and other military veterans, as well as other notable historical figures.